Hospital Ships – Oh, Ramona

Posted: Monday January 23

Where have you been hiding?

Hospital Ships – The Shots I Drank


Starfucker – Reptilians

Posted: Friday January 20

I have a feeling this will fade pretty quick, but hey, ain’t so bad for now.

Starfucker – Reptilians

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Year in Review

Posted: Friday January 20

2011 proved to be a bit of a snoozefest there, let’s hope 2012 gives a little more.

P.J. Harvey – Let England Shake

Posted: Friday February 25

God damnit.

Will make my top 10 for the year.

P.J. Harvey – The Last Living Rose

P.J. Harvey - Let England Shake

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Fakeout Move :: a yvynyl mixtape

Posted: Friday October 01

Most of the mixtapes I come across are total dog shit, but alas, one pile has risen above the rest.

I enjoyed more than a fair share of this, and it’s free. I know how you hate to pay for stuff.

Go Get It!

Fakeout Move :: a yvynyl mixtape

Brazilian Money :: Doing What I Want

Posted: Thursday September 30

Damn yo, What’s happening in Canada? And I mean it.

Just got this little 7″ in the mail and I’m sure glad I did.

Make yourself glad already.

Brazilian Money – Doing What I Want

Brazilian Money - Doing What I Want

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Ava Luna :: Services EP

Posted: Thursday September 09

This is some of the strangest music I’ve heard in a while.

I think it’s the assumption that it all sounds good, but then something sounds off.

Doesn’t matter. Quit thinking about it.

Ava Luna – Cement Lunch


Guards :: S/T

Posted: Thursday August 19

I’m not sure where the hell these guys came from, but I’m sure glad they did.

It’s a Spectory treat without all the hair and murder. It’s also free.

Guards – Don’t Wake the Dead

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Gobble Gobble :: Neon Graveyard

Posted: Thursday August 05

These boyz have been popping through the feeds for the past little while, and this whole little scene they’re part of is making more and more noise these days. Exciting!

Their LP & 7″ are being pressed later this month but you can grab it now.

Gobble Gobble – End of Days

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Wavves :: King of the Beach

Posted: Wednesday July 28

Oh, Summer is going to be good. I’ve been waiting for this fatty wax to arrive for over a month now!

And take note indie shitsters… This is what happens when you quit hiding behind crappy recordings. If you need to explain to me why it’s cool, then you don’t get it.

Listen pal, I already know.

Write better music asshole.

Wavves – Convertible Balloon

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