kissed her little sister :: HIGHandLOW

Posted: Wednesday June 23 Tags: ,

Man, it’s like you’ve never heard anything like it, except it’s all the same ol’ shit.

I caught myself jammin’ to this a little more than I had expected.

Can ya diggggggggggg???

kissed her little sister – i am ben franklin

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Don’t Listen to Live Records

Posted: Wednesday March 17 Tags: , , ,

Now please don’t get me wrong.

I don’t like / condone / promote live albums. I only own a few. One on vinyl. It’s the Stones. It was at Goodwill. It was 99 cents. Fuck you.

I also don’t really like talking about bands that upon hearing my mention of them, you can’t find / buy / download much on them.

But with all the buzz about these jerks recently, I want to hop in on this bandwagon.

They’re called The Babies, and I’m sure by now you know what’s up. If not, it’s one dude from Woods, one chick from Vivian Girls, and some other guys. And holy crap it’s good.

I can’t for the life of me find where I found this, so I’m just going to post a link to download it from here until someone doesn’t want me to anymore.

Now I am aware they have recently released a 7″, but it’s sold out everywhere. So, how about you be a doll and buy it for me?

Thanks. Now enjoy the Babies. Asshole.

The Babies-Meet Me in the City

He's So Cute!!!!!11

Download: The Babies – Live at Grasslands


Surely Made of Magic!

Posted: Friday February 26 Tags: , , ,

Free album download. Get it while it’s hot!

Magic Man – Real Life Color

Wonderful little indie / electro / pop. Nothing too original, but hey it’s definitely worth a couple of listens. A couple of the melodies ring a familiar vein I can’t pinpoint just yet.

Magic Man – Monster