kissed her little sister :: HIGHandLOW

Posted: Wednesday June 23 Tags: ,

Man, it’s like you’ve never heard anything like it, except it’s all the same ol’ shit.

I caught myself jammin’ to this a little more than I had expected.

Can ya diggggggggggg???

kissed her little sister – i am ben franklin

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Coma Cinema :: Baby Prayers

Posted: Friday May 14 Tags:

So these guys have been getting a decent buzz out there in the nets. Their new release is coming June 1 and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was excited about this. I’ve heard a little of it, and can’t wait.

But in the meantime you can go get their earlier record, Baby Prayers (It’s FREE), and attempt to get to the same amount of excitement as me.


Coma Cinema – Be Human

Coma Cinema - Baby Prayers


Surely Made of Magic!

Posted: Friday February 26 Tags: , , ,

Free album download. Get it while it’s hot!

Magic Man – Real Life Color

Wonderful little indie / electro / pop. Nothing too original, but hey it’s definitely worth a couple of listens. A couple of the melodies ring a familiar vein I can’t pinpoint just yet.

Magic Man – Monster