Sleigh Bells :: Treats

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Gina.

Get your steamin’ hot cup of this shit before it goes cold. It’s kind of like Times New Viking, Marnie Stern/Deerhoof, and Ratatat had a makeout party. And there’s absolutely no way they’d let you in.

Shelf life of about two weeks, but thems’ be some good weeks. So embrace your inner hipster and shut your mouth already.

Sleigh Bells – Straight A’s

Sleigh Bells - Treats

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The Morning Benders : : Big Echo

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So every now & again, I fall onto a flavor of the week that catches my attention. And I’ll just gnaw on it for a little bit to make sure its hooks and melodies don’t punch into the annoying zone after a few listens…

And without much more ado, I present the Morning Benders. I know, they’ve been around a little while. But this album sounds all grown up and good.

And listen hipster, my favorite song doesn’t even really kick until 3:17. I can hang with your trendy shit, it’s just usually not this good.

So while you won’t find bangs swooped across my forehead, you will find The Morning Benders on my playlist.

Get over it.

The Morning Benders – Stitches


HEY! I just bought that shit on vinyl. What have you done today?

Don’t Listen to Live Records

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Now please don’t get me wrong.

I don’t like / condone / promote live albums. I only own a few. One on vinyl. It’s the Stones. It was at Goodwill. It was 99 cents. Fuck you.

I also don’t really like talking about bands that upon hearing my mention of them, you can’t find / buy / download much on them.

But with all the buzz about these jerks recently, I want to hop in on this bandwagon.

They’re called The Babies, and I’m sure by now you know what’s up. If not, it’s one dude from Woods, one chick from Vivian Girls, and some other guys. And holy crap it’s good.

I can’t for the life of me find where I found this, so I’m just going to post a link to download it from here until someone doesn’t want me to anymore.

Now I am aware they have recently released a 7″, but it’s sold out everywhere. So, how about you be a doll and buy it for me?

Thanks. Now enjoy the Babies. Asshole.

The Babies-Meet Me in the City

He's So Cute!!!!!11

Download: The Babies – Live at Grasslands


Lawrence Arabia :: Chant Darling

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I always get hesitant to share anything unless I’m 100% sure that it totally kicks ass. You know, have to keep my cool points up.

But with the fourth listen through this album, and my body still a dancing against my control, I decide it’s fair enough to pass along.

Maybe it’s just too clean, maybe that’s my problem. It’s a little too pretty which is always a harder sell for me, but not always a bad thing. The recording is flawless and all the sounds are crystal clear. Now his voice  does want to be John Lennon so bad it hurts, but thankfully I love John Lennon. Like some sort of deity.

The whole album is quite charming to sit through, and there are about three solid winners on there to throw into any mixes you might need a little spice for.

Enjoy Lawrence Arabia – Chant Darling

Lawrence Arabia – Apple Pie Bed

Lawrence Arabia - Chant Darling


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Surely Made of Magic!

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Free album download. Get it while it’s hot!

Magic Man – Real Life Color

Wonderful little indie / electro / pop. Nothing too original, but hey it’s definitely worth a couple of listens. A couple of the melodies ring a familiar vein I can’t pinpoint just yet.

Magic Man – Monster

So MGMT and The Shins have a baby…

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They name him Avi Buffalo and he’s the coolest baby you ever met.

Avi Buffalo – What’s in it for?

Quit being an asshole and buy as many of these as you can.

Avi Buffalo 7″ from Sub Pop

Avi Buffalo Myspace